Window Security Bars

Window security bars can provide both a visual and physical deterrent to a potential burglar. The visual presence of window security bars alone will make any burglar think twice about breaking into your home. No matter what method a burglar might choose to break into your home, it is certain that it would take a considerable amount of time and plenty of noise. Intruders want to gain access as quickly as possible and as quietly as possible. Looking at the window security bars, the intruder will know that it will take time and the noise will more and likely alert neighbors. Not wanting to attract attention, the burglar will more and likely choose a less secure house to burglarize.

Grant it, window security bars make an excellent deterrent, but one major con is that they do very little to enhance the visual appearance of your home. No one wants a home that resembles a high security prison. Fortunately the manufacturers of window security bars realize the homeowners need for security and protection in a visually attractive way. Today there are more decorative and visually attractive window security bars that are available. Some have a decorative scroll design and others appear to be part of the window. Some homeowners choose to limit window security bars to only the windows that are out of view. They do not do that so the window security bars will not be seen, but because would-be burglars most often enter through the windows that are out of view to avoid being seen by neighbors or people driving by.
Before you choose to install window security bars, you must consider the undesirable safety risks that are associated with window bars. In the unfortunate event of a fire they could prevent occupants from quickly escaping and putting their lives in danger. In the United States, we have building codes, local laws and regulations that require window security bars to be the quick release type. These types of window security bars have an emergency release device that operate from the inside allowing the bars to be opened very quickly in the event of an emergency. It is very important to familiarize all family members on how to operate the release mechanism.

If your property has a garage or a outbuilding, they could benefit from having security window bars installed. Chances are that they are housing your automobiles, lawnmower, tools and gardening equipment, all of which a burglar would love to get their hands on. Appearance will probably not be as big of an issue with these buildings.

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Overall, you will have to take to both the pros and the cons when using window security bars. The pros is that many criminals will move on to another house when they notice the window security bars realizing the time and noise it will take to gain access. The cons are the visual appearance that window security bars can take away from your home and the safety concerns in the event of an emergency.

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